Beauty Queen | Jes Loren

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About the artist

Jes Loren is a seventeen year old musician, singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Since she was very young, music has been her calling. While normal seven year olds were eating cereal and watching TV, Jes was practicing and rehearsing her most valuable and prided craft: her voice. Now, ten years later, her all original songs are magical and bring excitement to fans and strangers. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful, and combined with her rock piano and her dad, John's, melodic guitar riffs, her songs bring an entirely new feeling to the rock genre. Jes shows off her versatility in her first album, 'Just Say Yes', with songs ranging from stripped down acoustic songs to piano ballads to serious rock. Jes is a true rock goddess at heart. She knows that she is a star: she is just waiting for the day she will lie among them.