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About the artist


Dynamic, talented and sweet singing and some of the words that can describe this budding superstar. His persona as an onstage performer is a constant evolutionary process as he has moved from dancer to rapper and now for the time being; he is receiving rave reviews as a pop artist. Young Dynasty or Young D (yes his name has evolved as well) was named Antonio Johnson some twenty-one (21) years ago when he was born in Barbados.

Dancing at the age of nine was what ushered him onto the stage and around the age of thirteen; he held a microphone in his hand and decided that he wanted to be a vocalist. Conversing with Young D can be quite misleading because one would never believe that someone who is so laid back, reserved and calm could have such a powerful voice.

While performing as a rap artist, Young D has released about six (6) singles with 'Shawty Got It Going On' being the most memorable and edgy. He admits that his source of inspiration is every day life and everything that happens. He also credits facets of his music styling to singers like Neyo and Akon as well as song writers like Claude Kelly and the Temptations.

For Crop Over 2010, Young D released his soca-fusion Whine it Girl which is a true party starter and a warm up for the faster tunes. Young D also wrote Rupee's 'All Night Long' which has already proven to be a chart topper in Barbados, Canada and the USA. His sights are now set on becoming a chart topping pop artist and as he has plans on revolutionizing the dance clubs with his style of music.