Good Night For Falling In Love (Mallon/Afable) | Eric Mallon

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"Good Night For Falling In Love"

Written by Eric Mallon/Jason Afable (Mallonation Songs/ASCAP) (c) 2014

Oh you’re sweeter than a summer breeze
The way you’re shaking that sugar tree
Got me higher than a georgia pine, whoa

I’ve been dying to get you alone
Pick a road maybe see where it goes
So c’mon let’s cross that line, whoa

Tonight’s a good night for falling in love
Got a sip of good time chillin’ in my cup
Mix it on up with your sweet touch
Sure enough got me on one helluva buzz
Take it downtown or lay on the couch
We can keep it low key or we can go all out
Ride that vibe let the moonlight do what it does
Tonights a good night for fallin’ in love
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Tonight’s a good night for falling in love

Don’t it feel like we’re runnin’ in place
Getting’ caught up in the day to day
Need a little prime time with you, whoa

So let’s breakout of this spell
Call in sick and turn off the cell
Girl you look so hot wanna find that spot and light that fuse