Polecats | Norman Lamont

Doorway 400
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About the artist

A leading light in the Edinburgh songwriter scene, Norman Lamont has a wealth of slightly skew-wiff songs from epics like The Ballad of Bob Dylan and The Wolf Who Snared the Moon (from which Polecats is taken), through surreal tales like Polecats and New Eyes to intimate statements like Crying in the Street and If You Had Said.


Polecats came into my house last night

They rearranged my books

They turned the chairs to face the wall

And I don’t like how that looks

They read my business letters

They helped themselves to wine

And they cast their eyes, their little eyes

Over everything that’s mine.

Now I don’t know where polecats live

In nests or in the ground

I only know I’ll find them

If they can be found

It’s become a debt of honour

And one I must fulfil

Disordered books must be avenged

And they will!