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If you like our music, please leave a one-time or monthly-recurring tip. The virtual items in the drop-down menu represent the typical cost of things musicians typically need. Tips can't be refunded so please make sure you choose the right one.

Thank you for rocking with the best. At this point in time we are accepting tips & donations to help with the campaign we are currently running. The tips will be use for recording new music,shooting videos & sending previous material to label execs. All donations & tips are appreciated. All music is free & available for download @ this soundcloud link...

Recurring tips allow you to give the same tip each month to the same musician/band without the need to visit Music Xray. We will deduct the tip amount you have chosen, from your PayPal account each month until you tell us to stop.

If you have a Music Xray account with a balance, recurring tips will not be deducted from that balance. Recurring tips can only be made from your PayPay account balance.

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