multiple worldwide opportunities & exposure: Allen Johnston- industry veteran and active consultant

Allen Johnston
CEO - The Music Specialist

My opportunities include licensing, sub-publishing, distribution, performing and direct label deals. High quality musicianship, good work effort, a willingness to be humble and a GREAT song is a must.

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Available Opportunities

Wanted Solid Blues music for 2021 Blues compilation
Opportunity to have your Blues song released and distributed to multiple countries globally. You will have to social media market your individual song and it will be available at most major digital outlets.- Allen Johnston - CEO - The Music Specialist
Needed Contemporary Gospel for Release in multiple markets
After reviewing and adding multiple songs I have decided to re-introduce the Gospel GOOD WORDS Compilation for 2021. This opportunity will allow you to have your music released and distributed in multiple markets globally. You will have to market and promote your single, however if only one son...  Learn More
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