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Danny N. Traynor Director of A&R - Bandwagon Red

Bandwagon Red is a music publishing/artist development company in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Available Opportunities

Seeking Female Uptempo Country/Pop for Song Placements
This is a unique opportunity. We are targeting female artists. Bandwagon Red has three pluggers begging for uptempo female songs. If your song is great we will offer a single song contract with a one year reversion. Work tapes are fine. We will demo the song if we love it. This is a yes or no sub...  Learn More
Seeking Country and Pop Songs
We are a Nashville publisher who pitches songs to music industry professionals This Music Xray submission request is an effort to expand our contacts with great songwriters. We will give your song a complete internal critique and if it passes our review we will provide you with an opportunity to...  Learn More
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