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Shayne Leighton
Licensing Manager - Parliament House Publishing

We're a full-service publishing & licensing company supplying music for audio books, audio dramas, film, advertising, gaming, streaming television. Either off-the-shelf (production music), or commissioned to order (bespoke music).

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Available Opportunities

Cinematic & Audio Book Score / Instrumental Music Critique
While we are actively seeking music for our new audio book / audio drama catalog and for cinematic / tv consideration, we at Parliament House Publishing would also like to actively offer professional critiques for instrumental pieces looking to be included in these and similar projects. - Shayne ...  Learn More
Shopping Artists for Roster Inclusion for Upcoming Record Label
Seeking exciting new artists for roster inclusion for upcoming Parliament Records. After years of working with top industry leaders including Tony Bongiovi and his team at Power Station, as well as national recording artists and some of America's largest independent labels, Parliament Publishin...  Learn More
Song Inclusion in Audible / iTunes Audio Drama Catalogue
Seeking both instrumental and vocal music to be included in our 2019 catalogue to present to upcoming producers of top audio books and audio dramas that will be featured on Audible and iTunes, and distributed via other retailers across the US. Selections must be of high-production quality. Espe...  Learn More
Seeking Music for Netflix Travel Series
Looking for grunge rock and roll, pop, hearty / gritty tunes. country / rock crossover tracks both vocal and instrumental to be featured in a new travel series. Twelve episodes (season 1) airing on Netflix and Amazon Prime late in 2019. Similar to style to Anthony Bordain, looking to license th...  Learn More
Seeking Music For Upcoming Epic Audio Drama & Feature Film
Seeking both pop/rock tracks and instrumental tracks to be featured in an upcoming super hero audio drama that will release in 2019. This audio book has also been optioned for a feature film, for which we are also seeking music. Looking for upbeat, epic, memorable pieces. Will be featured on iTun...  Learn More
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