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Steve Jennings
General Manager - 101 Distribution / Arena.com

Systematically eliminating the influence of major label bureaucracy, one independent release at a time. Won't you join us?

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Available Opportunities

Song Critique for A&R Submission
If you are preparing to send your music to A&R reps you should first make sure they will listen and also consider your song. With over 20 years in the biz I know what they are listening for so I am happy to critique your music for you and give you an honest assessment prior to your submission els...  Learn More
Seeking New Electronic Artists
New members coming to Lloydmobile Productions willing to take on clients new to the industry. Techno and Vaporwave is what we are looking for. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.- Steve Jennings / 101 Distribution / Arena.com
Artist Development and Roster Inclusion
Kevin Stratton (K Squared Music, LLC) a voting member of The Grammy's National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Inc. and a voting member of The Country Music Association. is currently seeking artists of all genres who are looking for Artist Development, Production, and Management.. Please ...  Learn More
2 Man Army is looking for Hip-Hop/ Rap and Rock Bands to manage
2 Man Army is a full service entertainment company that deals with everything from recording to touring and is currently seeking hip-hop/rap artists and Rock bands to add to their roster. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.- Steve Jennings / General Manager - 101 Distribution / Ar...  Learn More
Seeking Hip-Hop/Rap Tracks for Compilation Album
Lloydmobile Productions (Steve Jennings) is looking for 15 quality tracks to feature on a compilation album. This album will be distributed worldwide digitally with the potential for physical placement in 3,300 stores. We are looking for the best hip-hop/rap to feature Please do not submit to thi...  Learn More
Lloydmobile Productions is Seeking Artists for Publishing and   ...
Looking for Original Bands and artists of any Genre. Lloydmobile Productions was established in 1998 focusing on Artist Development, Artist Management, and booking. The company has worked as A&R for multiple Record Labels. Along with managing Crush Recording Studios in Scottsdale Az. Lloydmobil...  Learn More
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