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About the artist

Singer/Songwriter Dave Stephens was born, and grew up in Vancouver, Canada. Showing early signs of musical aptitude, Stephens was encouraged at a young age to play piano. In his teens he picked up guitar, as in his own words, “Stairway To Heaven never sounded that great on my piano.”

The years that followed saw the budding musician release his debut album - here we go…(2004). The album was received well by independent radio, and his video for single - Livin’ In A Dream, which featured a lesbian robot love triangle, became a YouTube favorite.

In 2006, Dave relocated to Long Beach, California, where he released his sophomore release - Stories For Copper. The album, which Dave felt was his greatest achievement, saw the musician again playing most of the instruments, and to his delight, arranging and recording live string parts for many of the album’s twelve tracks. Stories For Copper was very well received in the US, and was welcomed by a foray of rave reviews and radio rotation worldwide.

In November 2010 after 2 years of writing and recording, Dave released his 3rd album - Time Will Tell. The album, which could loosely considered a concept album, features all the lavish arrangements and big hooks for which Stephens has become known.



Don’t know why you’re cryin’
It’s not like you to say goodbye
It’s not like I’m dyin’
It’s a crime to see you cry


‘cause nothing hurts us more, than leaving friends behind
I’m never truly gone and you’ll be just fine, ‘cause


Everywhere I go, you’re with me
And every song you sing, I’m listening
You’re never far away, ‘cause I know
That every road I walk will lead me right back home

Verse 2

I’m taking off at sunrise
I hope you’re there to wish me well
I’ll be thinking of you
‘cause you know that you’re always on my mind

Out there on the road, living fancy free
I’ll be back home again just you wait and see, ‘cause



It’s not to say I’ll never feel alone, but I will be home