Watching Waves | Hills Rolling (Trey McGriff)

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About the artist

Trey McGriff is a singer-songwriter who writes, records and performs many styles of music on his own label, Whiskey Child Records. Trey also recently directed and stars in a NEW Horror/Comedy film called, Kuriosity Killz, now available on DVD at!

You have heard Trey's original and unique music on the SHOWTIME Network, MTV's Real World, MTV's Undressed, World of Playboy TV Network with Playmate Lindsey Gayle Evans, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, Comcast TV, National Public Radio (NPR), Jagermeister Music Tour/CD's, Red Bull Films & DVD's, PBS's RoadTrip Nation and more.

Feel free to give all Trey's music projects: Hills Rolling, SomeWhere OutHere, and Frenzy, a listen at

All songs are available for download at the iTunes links below:

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