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This song was inspired by a picture of an Incan ruins site in the Peruvian Andes. In the background of the photo was a circle of stones. I wrote Andean Fire Circle as I pictured Inca people gathering inside that circle centuries, even millenia ago, for rituals or to share music and other traditions.

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About the artist

Ben Siems is the leader, guitarist, and composer of The Willie August Project, a progressive jazz trio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Siems and drummer Jeremy Hauer founded the group; upright bass duties are shared by some of the finest bassists in the Upper Midwest. The unique rhythmic interaction between Siems and Hauer forms the core of the trio's sound, as is clear from Andean Fire Circle.

Siems has an impressive resume as a composer and songwriter. He is regularly commissioned by choreographers, theater companies, and filmmakers to compose soundtrack music in a vast range of styles, from jazz to neoclassical, folk to avant garde. The honors he has garnered since first emerging on the scene in 2001 include: Runner Up and Honorable Mention Awards in the Song of the Year and Indie Singer-Songwriter Association international songwriting contests; #1 New Addition to XM Satellite Radio Real Jazz 70, January 2006; Six grant awards from New York's Meet the Composer, Inc.; and three grant awards from the American Composers Forum.

The Willie August Project's projects past performances include mainstage appearances at a variety of prestigious jazz festivals.

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