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About the artist

The name "phono emergency tool" appears for the first time on 'Soniche Avventure VIII' , a CD compilation by Fridge Records (2003) through "I'd rather be a mosquito", a song extracted from Andrea Sgarzi's home recording.
At Villa Serena, a rock club in Bologna (Italy), PET becomes a band with Andrea Sgarzi on guitar and vocal, Sandro Sgarzi on bass and vocal and Marco Lama on drums.
Previous experiences (slang, mud bubble, buzzer, banana boys, geremia rock band, twilight, del nastro), also in different dresses (they're all guitar, bass and drums players) make the new line up a real solid band in a short time.
The set list includes Andrea's songs and Sandro's songs and also some classic covers. So Phono Emergency Tool creates a "PET Sound" that includes pop-rock contaminated of blues, psyche and indie-rock.
The only way to get the pet-sound is to listen...

“Some very cool solid tunes coming from our new Italian friends. We're very pleased to see how wide spread great indie rock music is across this lil blue globe of ours. Thanks heavens for the PET, they speak volumes 4 this spectacular alternative.”
[Usa4real radio]

“This is a very cool Band with a great sound […] This number is well balanced and performed with terrific vocals. They work well together for sure and I guess they must flip their audience when they're doing it live “