Dwelling Of Light | Jeff Dimmick

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About the artist

Jeff Dimmick is a musician/composer who has a passion for creating instrumental music consisting of many musical elements that have been intricately woven together to form a unique and melodic “soundscape”.

As a bassist and synthesist, Jeff especially enjoys the interplay between traditionally generated and electronic tones. The ability to blend together all the pieces of a composition's puzzle in order to create an audibly pleasing work is both a very complex and extremely gratifying process. In composing new music, he seeks to feel his way in discovering the perfect amalgam of melody, harmony and rhythm, in order to share a full spectrum of sounds which he desires will emotionally connect with each listener on numerous levels.

Jeff's “Invisible Attributes” album contains ideas inspired by a variety of musical genres including electronic, ambient, progressive rock, jazz, fusion and classical; yet combine to create unique melodic and rhythmic sound textures all their own.
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