Fly Free Final | Andrea Thorne

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Liner notes

When I wrote this song, it was at a time when I was going through a lot. I felt trapped in a situation that I was in and I wanted so badly to be freed from it. Freedom is so precious.

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About the artist

Andrea Thorne is a fresh face to the music industry. She brings raw talent and unmarred perspective allowing her creativity to flow as unbashedly as singing duet style with Celine Dion in her car or shower. The sounds of the Divas (Whitney, Dolly, Christina, Celine, Faith, ect) are easily detected in her powerful vocal range and style, but the echoes of southern tent revivals, broken hearts, reckless rebellion, nights spent alone and friends lost forever are the stitches that hold her peotic and electrifying songs together. Andrea is ready to take it all in and show it all off with the biggest voice coming out of the smallest little blond girl you'll ever see.

Andrea's versatility has allowed her to share stages with various musical artists such as Darius Rucker, Jason Michael Carol, Chatham County Line, Bobby Lee Rodgers, Holy Ghost Tent Revival, Christie Lenee, Urban Sophisicates, and many more. She has recorded vocals on multiple albums including Jim Avett's "Tribes" and Thacker Dairy Road's "Sugar". She just finished and released a live acoustic studio recorded EP and is currently in the studio recording another EP that will release early 2011.


Fly Free

I am a girl you see
I need you to let me be
Free, Free, Free

Just like a bird in a cage
Longing to tear through the sky
I need to fly away, fly away, fly free

My heart has become a hole
Filled with black roots and coal
It wants to be
Free, Free

My fingers are all out of songs
I know what I need
To break away, break away, break free

My body craves to feel,
Sweet release
From these chains,
I blame myself for these.

I am only human,
Can’t you see?
I ache at the thought of never
Feeling free!