Because Of You | The Firegod

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words and music by Edmund Llinas

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All instruments and vocals performed by
Edmund Llinas Seattle WA


Because of You<br/><br/>Being raised in the arms of self-encouragement<br/>Believing everything I ever did was right<br/>But oh how things have changed and everything is different<br/>Now that you have taken over my mind<br/><br/>So I just go na na na na na because of you<br/><br/>It's so hard to change my ways and just be threw with you<br/>A struggle that I never seem to win<br/>Every time I see your face I get delusional<br/>Your my hurry up and wait that wont go away<br/><br/>So I just go na na na na na because of you<br/><br/><br/>What if we took a chance and see just what becomes of this<br/>Does it really matter if anything at all<br/>I got time to kill and I think you should be a part of it<br/>Can't think of any better way to watch me fall<br/><br/>So I just go na na na na na because of you