Secret Lovers | Draco Himself

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About the artist

On an early November morning in Northeast Oklahoma a gifted individal was born
He is now known simply as 'Draco Himself'. Since age 10 he has been perfecting his craft,taking serious pride in his lyricism,showmanship,and professionalism,and it definitely proves evident in his work.
Being from a relatively untapped market he strives to be a cornerstone in the emergence of raw talent from his home state of Oklahoma.
Growing up in the city that once was home to the historic 'Black Wall Street' Greenwood district, he possess an extreme passion for success and a drive that is unmatched by his peers and superiors.
His natural born talent and welcoming demeanor offers a style and personality not seen in the industry in a long time.
As one person simply put it, 'They dont make them like this kid anymore'.