Level 1 Girl feat Tommi 5 Star Music Group | Darnell Wright

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Liner notes
Website:<br/>http://myspace.com<br/>http://imeem.com<br/>Current Location:<br/>Phila/pa<br/>General Manager:<br/>Tim allen/ Ceo<br/>Booking Agent:<br/>mrallen@undisputedent.com Mobile Phone: 1 305.735.1769 Other Phone: 1 215.769.2702 Skype: mrallenn Website: http://www.ueradiolive.com/ Facebook Profile: facebook.com/MrUndisputed<br/>Press Contact:<br/>mrallen@undisputedent.com Mobile Phone: 1 305.735.1769 Other Phone: 1 215.769.2702 Skype: mrallenn Website: http://www.ueradiolive.com/ Facebook Profile: facebook.com/MrUndisputed<br/>Artists We Also Like:<br/>JIVE RECORDS ARTIST/Undisputed Records Aritst/Defjam Artist<br/>Influences:<br/>Michael J.{rip} Stevie wounder Chris Brown Rihanna Jayz 50 cent young jezzy TI rundmc tribe call quest 2pac biggie puffdady master p brandy tlc flex&Hated faust zae 5star tim allen<br/>Band Interests:<br/>To write and sell song and open up the doors for new artist..thank you<br/>Biography:<br/>IV been writing and singen for along time now it started back in 1996 when my cuz use to pick me and my brother up and take us to the studio.<br/>we where new to the surroundings but we learn fast worken with song writer malcom mills on a song called-<br/>I wish I can be<br/>at the time malcom was sending the song to many lables but never no feed back .<br/>In 1999 i met a guy name faust and ed-& Steve davis at First born Records..Thats when i felt like my life would change<br/>at the time with first born i put together a mixtape called How can i love you tonight that had many artist that work with me on it,also i had work with alot of hiphop artist in philly at the time like Gmas ,CK,Abyss,faust freestyle and kickded with miss jade and ninaross ,last donna,cassdy and so many more<br/>at the time i was also worken with Cnote AR for DEfjam,,doing promo,,it was cool because we got to meet fab lil kim and puff and many more and went on stage with DMX while he was killen it2000powerhouse. wow so much fun back than GOOD LOOKEN OUT DEFJAM..<br/><br/>between the time growing up I met Tim bossman allen..lol<br/>Tim help me grow in to a better artist and person.<br/>before i met tim i was very hard to work with as a artist and friend ..in 2006 i became a star just getin back in the studio learning so much growing up and meeting a guy that has every tool you need to make it change my mind about alot of things time to get foreal in the music!<br/><br/>started listen to differnt music and artist and learning new things and worken with new people now i am stil<br/>lunsigned but worken with people that are in the game<br/>my life is still going on with music still to this day<br/>(read less)
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