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Mark Lenover is 27 years old and has been writing and recording music on his own for roughly nine years. In that time he has independently released six full length albums and two EPs. His seventh full length album, The Wreckage, is tentatively scheduled to be released in March of 2012.

Dead the Beast, Dead the Poison, Safe as Houses, Shambles, The Girl in the Window and The Retributionists are currently available at

Obliterate and The Arsonists are currently available through I-Tunes.


There are weights on my wrists
and they cling, limb to lock
in a delicate yet devastatingly carnal pile-up
as a comforting light
spins and sketches in place
and a strangely brutal silence sets to pulling me away

You're as safe as houses
it's all right now
Yeah you're as safe as houses
so don't trouble yourself

The neighbourhood shows up
and they grieve for a while
but only as it suits them from a comfortable distance
for the denigrating, barrel-chested terror at my back
survived only by its failures and the son it never had

The trigger pulled me gently by the finger-tip
I shot a rat with an elephant gun
Don't be surprised if there isn't much left of it

But you'll be happy again
once the transparency lifts
when the specters wilt
before the fists of the neighbourhood kids
When you sleep they won't remember what I did

You'll be as safe as houses
for a good long while
You'll be as safe as houses
so don't trouble yourself

Tusks and teeth are made of old piano keys
Fatty hands are made of candle wax
Ghosts are no more than two holes in scrappy sheets