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‘The Ipsan Project – Life’ is an adult contemporary music collection of songs about Love, Life and self awareness.
'Until you become mine'is the love song about the one that love that never was...
I think the rest of the CD is about
the lessons we learn in our own personal journey which hopefully teaches us to make a commitment to exist on a superior, more giving plane as we become aware of our own mortality.
We are responsible for whom we become, and as we aspire as to who we want to be; I believe, we are influenced by the music we listen to and that constantly colors our daily relationships.
My youth was shaped by the rock Gods of the day and that ragged edge has mellowed today to a more sophisticated heady taste.
I attempt to bring that raw and silky mixture to this project so I can share a bit of my history with you; I hope I’ve succeeded in connecting with you on some level and the listening of this CD brings you a soothing, warm smile which will encourage me to continue on my journey to bring to you yet more of the same on a higher plane.
My successes and triumphs depend on your acceptance which is an important reason as to why I exist.
I wish you all harmony & courage to face adversity with a true smile on your face.


Until you become mine

Well it seems I fooled myself thinking you would care the way I do
Could not face reality when denied the chemistry between us two

If it takes all of my days I will win your heart, until I do
I will keep your scent inside me
'till I find the strength to guide me

Until you become mine

If I ruled the richest kingdom I would trade it all to be with you
All my subjects would be fashioned in your image so all I'd see is you

But your eyes turn me away as I search for one thing I could do
Just to hear your voice beside me, it will be a song to find me

Until you become mine

It seems you have walked in my dreams stolen all my emotions
left me lost in this ocean, I've imagined with you

My wish was to have you to treasure and my only true pleasure
Was to wake up with you

So I try to tell myself there will be somebody else instead of you
but again I'm being foolish there is no one in this world except for you

I will never feel this way and will hold on to my time with you
I will savor that one moment when I sensed a special closeness

Until you become mine
Until you become mine
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