Dance! Dance! Dance! | Rainer Theobald/ R.Theobald-D. Eisape

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the song was written and recorded first back in 93 by The"O"s , Rainer Theobalds former funk band.
In 2003 recorded again with JAMBEZI.
Additional rap added by DAVEMAN ( Davis Eisape). Produced by Jovica Jeftic, Rainer Theobald and Valentino von Blanckenburg.

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About the artist

Saxophone & Clarinet player Rainer Theobald hails from Berlin, Germany and was raised in a little town called Alsfeld.

At the age of six he took flute lessons and was influenced early on by classical music, soul and later, jazz. Influenced by Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Weather Report and Archie Shepp. He started playing clarinet in 1972 and a year later joined the local electric-jazz band “GRABHUND”. Intrigued by the saxophone, in 1975 he purchased one and began to craft his style. He toured and recorded with GRABHUND until 1981 and performed at the best jazz venues in Frankfurt.

In Berlin, he began to teach saxophone and clarinet. He played with artists such as bassist Jay Oliver, Steve Lacy, Pam Shiner, Peter Kowald and the best of the Free-Jazz scene. Forming his own Punk-Jazz group ‘COAL’ , winning awards with them and also was the opening act at the 14.Hofheimer Jazz Festival for Sun Ra Arkestra. Stayed busy with a steady flow of studio work with well known bands like ELEMENT OF CRIME and TV Shows with ALPHAVILLE. He also formed several other funk and jazz bands like The"O"s, BIG BLOW 7, ART BOLDEN QUARTET.

Rainer Theobald now lives in Berlin as a saxophone & clarinet player, composer, bandleader and manager who performs many high-end venues in the area. He is looking to find collaborations as a sideman, studio-work, live performance, recording and producing worldwide.


Dance! Dance! Dance!

Hey, you gotta give yourself a chance,
You gotta dance, dance, dance !
you gotta give yourself chance ! 4 X

Hey, you gotta find some romance,
You gotta dance, dance, dance !
you gotta find some romance, 2 x

When you're dancing everything is bright,
standing around is o.k.
but it's not alright,
it's such a good thing moving to the groove,
the best of all , to see your bodies move.

You better move yeah,
just we rock and groove yeah,
just we come and move,
that you see me dancin'
this is phantstic,
move that ass you came with,
move yeah dancing,
i'm wicked ass don't remain passive
shake what your mama gave you,
shake, what your daddy gave you,
this is real party flavour,
I'm the party navigator
they call us party maker,
need a beat, a pen and paper,
wicked alike you see us too,
Daveman and Jambezi crew.
Give me one,two, three I hit it,
like you can see aa,
babe don't give me bla ,bla
Just let me rock ya,
this is the wicked style of wicked flavor
,heavy rhyme.
come and listen to my voice
it's all about the party time.

Hey, music sends you into trance,
You gotta dance, dance, dance !
music sends you into trance !