I aint no Mystery girl | suzie rose

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I wrote this song (and sang it) which was commissioned for Pink a while back by VP of Sony ATV. ONly problem was, after handing in the tune, Pink had decided to do a political album. of course! haha.. anyway, still a great song, REALLY catchy hardcore chorus. I think this song will be a hit for any artist who's genre and style fits :)

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Los Angeles singer/songwriter BMI/SAG/AFTRA

Suzie Rose (also known as Suzie Benson)

agent:: DPN Bev Hills

Used to go by Suzie Benson... have songs on the Burn Notice soundtrack and cowrote a song with Kelly Clarkson and Rhett Lawrence entitled "Go" which was her signature touring song for 2006 and the entire Ford campaign for 2006
Years ago cowrote a song with R.Lawrence and C. Bernard called "Make it Right" was on LIsa Stansfield's record and also on the 90210 record