Until Tomorrow | Michelle Ruben

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Michelle Ruben is a singer/songwriter out of Indianapolis. She has been performing since a young age but it was not until she found Christ that she really began to find her voice. All the years of singing in school, musicals, and nightclubs were preparation for the journey she now finds herself on. In knowing that whatever opportunities are put before her come from God, it is important to her to honor God in whatever she sings. In addition to singing at coffeehouses and churches, she is also a part-time worship leader at Geist Christian Church in Indianapolis, IN.
Her latest project, “Until Tomorrow” deals with some tough questions that she has had to deal with over the past couple of years. Questions like "Why do people we love have to die?" "Why can God be everywhere at once, but sometimes I just want Him here with me?" "Why is life so uncertain?"Many of these questions came up during her mothers’ illness and passing. "I just wanted to put off the grief, you know?" Michelle recalls. "Just have one day where I could put all the loneliness and pain aside for another day. Of course, it was impossible, but I remember asking God for that."
The song "Be Here", is a song asking God to just be there for her, JUST with her.
"Like little kids, I think we all have felt like that sometimes. I know You can be everywhere, but I just want you to be here with me for a little bit."
On the ballad, "Uncertainty" Michelle looks out onto a new landscape where she walks down new roads in music and life, all without her best friend and Mom.
"We lived together, she was my best friend. She encouraged me to do all these musical things. Now I'm leaning on God to conquer the uncertainty in my life, and walk down all these strange new roads with me."
On her new song “Intricate Design” which was written after her son Noah was born, Michelle explores the majesty and all-encompassing love of a God who has a hand in every intricate detail of this world, none of which would be possible without Him.


Just for a time I’m not gonna cry
And not think about why till tomorrow
And just for now I’m gonna lay my head down
And put away the sound of sorrow

I’ve heard that indifference makes it easier to sleep
But I just can’t bring myself to lose that part of me

Until Tomorrow I’m gonna sit right here
Until tomorrow not gonna face my fears
But I will get up again
I will stand strong again
I will look it in the eye again
But not until tomorrow

Just for awhile I’m gonna sing and smile
And feel good awhile till tomorrow
And just for now gonna hold my head high
And put away my knack for sorrow

I know that indifference makes it easier to sleep
But I just can’t bring myself to lose that part of me