Bail Out | Ben Novak

2006 09120014
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Ben Novak's debut single "Turn Your Car Around" was recorded by ex-Blue vocalist Lee Ryan in 2005 - reaching No.2 in Italy, No.12 in the UK - and going Top 20 in seven other European territories. From its captivating vocal delivery to its huge chorus, "Turn Your Car Around" typifies Novak's accessible yet unique song-writing style. "I've always wanted to write songs that fire people's emotions," he says. "That's the kind of music that's always moved me – a great melody, a memorable chorus – and then to cap it all off, a story that grabs people from the first line and keeps them listening until the end." Featured on this page are 12 Novak tracks across a range of genres. Pop, Folk-Pop, Indie rock and Movie/TV. For publishing inquiries please feel free to email.


Bail out
Well we’re air combat wing, but names don’t mean a thing
When a rocket hits home
And there’s fire on your wing

We’re up on high, yeah just Eddie and I
Sure we signed up to fight
But no one wants to die

And he said

Just Bail Out skip
Just Bail out
Just bail out sir
Just Bail out

And In all the smoke
Yeah the words that you wrote
They sit close to my chest
Baby just do your best
‘cause I want you back –if your whole world turns
Black – well it’s no time to doubt
Just Bail Out yeah
Just Bail out
Just bail out babe
Just Bail out

And is anybody listening
On the radio tonight
Maybe on some hi-band frequency
Ejector seat malfunction and my
Canopy’s stuck tight
Is anybody listening to me?

And they said;

Just Bail Out sir
Just Bail out
Just bail out sir
Just Bail out

Romeo Whisky Two One
Radar contact lost

Dark Zero