Jon Henninger - We Will Stand | Jon Henninger

Liner notes

Written following the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, WE WILL STAND is set to become the next inspiring American anthem!

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We Will Stand Db
Words and Music By: Jon Henninger

On a darkened day in time
Without any reason why
So many were robbed of their lives
There were those who didn’t know
There were those who were heroes
But still it wasn’t their time to go
But we’ll live on
And we will not forget their names
And we will fight
So things are never the same

We will stand
Together hand in hand
No longer separated
We will protect our land
Cause we are Americans

The men and women of this land
Run to save their fellow man
Who had fallen so suddenly at the enemy’s hands
Then through a heavy cloud of dust
Someone screams in God we trust
He’s alive and well living among us
So we’ll raise up a flag
For all the world to see it
And we will declare that we will not
No we will not be defeated

And the brave will be victorious
From sea to shining sea
And the stars and stripes will always stand
For the home of the free

Verse 1/Chorus/Verse 2/Chorus/Bridge/Chorus/Chorus