Never Knew What Love Could Be | Jamie Jameson

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About the artist

Jamie has been a musician since age 10, and plays, or has played flute/piccolo/alto flute, bass violin, and some piano and guitar. She is a singer/composer with a 3 octave range with the Soprano preference. She writes love songs as well as inspirational/religious songs; all are positive. She has a similar vocal style to Josh Groban - classical/pop and loves to more ballad style music than anything; she feels it’s soothing to the soul. Joseph Paur is her vocal instructor (He is a Latter-day Saint singer/ actor who has appeared in several films and musical productions) and her past instructor was Trent Clegg of Idaho State University.


She was a cast member for the music/dance/theater group "Note Worthy" with the LDS institute of Religion, Pocatello, ID; under direction of Michael Farns from 1999 - 2001. It was audition only . . . There was dance, spoken parts, & singing.


She performed in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat" for the Mystique Theater, Chubbuck, ID in the spring of 2003, as a singer/dancer (second soprano part).


Recently she has worked with the "Songs for the Cure '11" Compilation CD and the American Cancer Socity and has donated the song "Afraid of the Dark" to that CD. She has sung for an original fireside "The Title of Liberty" "My Name is Mud" and "Fear or Faith" directed by Gina Marley. She has performed with Marvin Goldstein (World renown pianist, arranger, and entertainer -, and Vanessa Joy (Musician, actress, and singer -


She has sung with the "Valley Voices" lead by An Kapp Anderson (Composer and musician). She also sang in the Idaho State University Women's Choir Fall 2009.


She is working on recording original music. Jared Morgan and Marvin Goldstein has worked with her in Soularium Studios, Alpine, UT on starter demos, and Aaron Daniel Edson, Aaron Edson Productions at Studio AA (, is her current producer for her music and vocal recording.


Her goal is to help people make more of themselves through motivation and positive thinking, and realize a person can do more than one realizes when one puts his or her mind to it. She has struggled and triumphed over debilitating physical illness, after illness; from having to get a hysterectomy, vocal paralysis, and memory loss and further health issues as a result of a Meningioma, to becoming a stronger, more positive woman. One of her favorite quotes is "Do just once what others say you can’t and you will never pay attention to their limitations again." - J. R. Cook.


Never Knew What Love Could Be

I almost forgot what passion was,
'til you gave me your heart.
And showed me a world that I could have, said you'd never break my heart.
I was hurt for so very long that fear caused me to flee; from giving all myself to you, and really being me.

Baby, know that I love you. Without you I'm empty; forever we're together.
You know this sets me free! I never knew what love could be; so pure, and kind, kind and gentle. With those I thought I loved, none compare to you!

What can I do to give my love? Can't do enough for you, for all that you've freely given me; no matter what I do. But I've learned through your example, that love is so much more. Pure compassion no matter what life's trials have in store.


(music modulation) Chorus:

For my husband Nate, the love of my life.

Jamie Jamieson
May 2009