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Creative Loafing ~ by Jeff Hahne
The Dubber -- If this event was still a contest, there's no doubt in my mind that the D.C. resident would have walked away as the winner. Within moments of starting his performance, the crowd closed in and conversations ended. His reggae-folk style combined with a fantastic stage presence as The Dubber sang and hit occasional notes of percussion with a pinky ring or his mouth a la beatboxing. A few in attendance displayed disappointment about missing his recent Evening Muse show. Hopefully, he'll be back around the area soon.

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THE Dubber

In the tradition of the Mississippi Delta Bluesmen, confronting the world with his words and guitar. THE Dubber, the self taught singer/songwriter infuses America's Rock, Jazz and Funk along with some Reggae, Middle Eastern and Afro Beat flavoring to express his blues and complete his distinctive sound. Which he has officially dubbed New World Music.

Since 2005, the Washington DC born/Columbia SC based artist has trail blazed through the U.S. with honest and intimate live stage performances. Always a crowd favorite, his sophisticated one man band guitar style and universal message keeps THE Dubber booked year round. Playing such prestige events from South by Southwest Music Conference (Austin TX) to Mid-Atlantic Music Conference (Charlotte NC).

With radio airplay here and abroad, and two albums "In the Temple of..." 2005, "Global Warning" 2010 under his belt. THE Dubber is now ready to embark on an European Tour with dates in UK, France and Greece. As THE Dubber says... "It time to go GLOBAL !!!