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Brooklyn's Metermaids are making moves again.

The past two years have seen the duo, comprised of MC's Swell and Sentence, appearing in the pages of print publications like  Playboy Magazine and The Village Voice, as well as influential websites like Spin.Com and Wired.Com -- leading to thousands of new fans and their music being downloaded over 70,000 times.

They have been both MTV.Com and Clear Channel Online "Artists to Watch," and the video for their song "Turn the Lights Out" was a Myspace Featured Video and also was added to rotation on Fuse TV.

Metermaids' late-2009 EP "Smash Smash Bang" caught the attention of Grammy-Award-winning producer 9th Wonder (Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, Mary J. Blige), who brought Metermaids down to Raleigh, North Carolina to produce and record a new project in his studio. The result of this collaboration is the five song "Rooftop Shake" EP -- a thrilling combination of 9th Wonder's classic,  soulful sound with Metermaid's rough-around-the-edges, rock-influenced style. The EP also features 9th Wonder on the mic, contributing only his second and third recorded verses to a project, as well as legendary DJ Rob Swift of the X-Men on the cuts.

First up, though, is the "Hello" Mixtape -- nine brand new Metermaids songs, delivered over remixes of the year's most popular indie-rock hits, blended together expertly by DJ Rob Swift. 27 Sound's Matt Stine, responsible for the huge success of Metermaids' 2008 mash-up album "Nightlife in Illinoise," remixed tracks by Grizzly Bear, Spoon, and Deadweather, among others, with DJ Rob Swift adding the stylistic cherry on top.

These two new Metermaids projects both show the natural progression of a group not content to make hip-hop influenced by rock and roll, or vice versa, but rather to attempt to find the space where the two styles combine and make something truly original.

This ambition, combined with the electric live show which has been their trademark, leads one to believe that Metermaids won't be under the radar for too long.

Rap's Bad News Bears are back again!


I declare a holiday. I won't be answering my celly. No emails or texts. No messages or telly. I'll keep the front door open for the people that I'm close to. Life's short. We're trying to get down like we're supposed to.
Scratch out all your plans you got nowhere else to be tonight. Give it just a minute and I promise you you'll see I'm right. Tell your people where it's at. If they don't know they're going to find out. Forget about the past cuz in here there's only right now.
We don't need the speakers on your stereo to dance to. We'll just stomp our feet and clap our hands if we have to. And if you fall girl I'll be the one to catch you. The beat is in your bones. You just gotta let it pass through.
We don't need no choruses or words to write a song. I'll just tell you what I'm thinking and we both can sing along. And if you're lost all you gotta do is find your way to my house. THey won't be able to see us with the light's out.

There's nothing left to do.
Turn the lights out.
Baby what's wrong with you?
Turn the lights out.
All you gotta do is want a little bit more. Girl just shut the door.
And turn the lights out.

We're gonna make sure everybody gets the message. Plug this sucker in. We're going to make this night electric. It's ending when it's ending and it's starting when it's starting. Leave your problems all at home. Because it ain't that kind of party.
Girl I wanna feel your skin. I wanna hear you laughing. I wanna touch your hips with no chit chat distractions. You can grab my shirt. You can pull me real close. Tell me there ain't a time when you've gotta be home.
Tonight we're gonna act like every second lasts a day. When you're this close to me girl the world is gonna have to wait. And everything you ever need is in this room. I got you. You don't ever have to go home. You can stay here if you want to.
Dance til you sweat. Scream until you see spots. Everybody's gotta have a piece of what we got. If you want it all you have to do is find your way to my house. They won't be able to see us with the lights out.