Come and Take Me Away | Solardaze

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*vocals courtesy Bill Gaunce via All music performed and written by Solardaze, lyrics by Solardaze.

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About the artist

Solardaze (SOCAN) is a signed multi dimensional songwriter/composer/producer from the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. Solardaze has songs signed with: Expressive Artists, Naz-Sect Publishing (Raleigh), HD Music Now (Los Angeles), Pravda Records (Chicago), Multiverse Sound, and Jingle Punks. There is one person behind the music that you hear. Solardaze's catalogue has continued to grow over the last 10 years, to include everything from Alternative Rock, Country, Electronica, to soundtrack style compositions. Solardaze's music has always been known for its emotional and unique sound.


"Come and Take Me Away"
written/performed*/produced by Solardaze

Who is in the mountains?
Underneath the trees.
Who is in the mountains?
Get down on your knees.
Who is in the mountains

Whispers from the Shadows
What do you believe?
Whispers from the Shadows
Questioning your creed.

Come and take me away.

What is up above?
Maybe its a sign.
What is up above?
This might be our time


Close your eyes
Say goodbye
And hallelujah