Shooting Stars | CosmoMoose

Liner notes

Lush, melodic piano trance electronica piece.

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About the artist

CosmoMoose is an electronic dance music project from British composer Chris Medway.

Chris is an ordinary devoted family man, living in an ordinary house, and working full time in an ordinary office. Each day Chris commutes to and from work by train hammering away on his laptop computer. However, Chris doesn't use his laptop to create spreadsheets or play games. No, with studio headphones on, Chris is in his own world using powerful music software to create drum tracks, edit MIDI data, adjust sound effects, splice audio waves, change synth settings and 101 other things needed to create his next electronic music masterpiece. Alone on a crowded train, Chris Medway is creating the sound of CosmoMoose - thematic, melodic electronica music.

Sometimes, outside the Medways' study you can hear beats and melodies endlessly playing over and over as Chris carefully mixes and masters each track, getting the next masterpiece ready to share with the world.

Yet, this most unlikely of electronic music composer/producers could be the creating the next dance phenomenon, from the robotic, retro/futuristic "Cosmic Invasion" to the folk/trance of "JiGiToN". Whatever, there is always something creative and exciting in store from the mind of CosmoMoose.

Chris Medway = CosmoMoose.
Bridging the gap between Cosmo and Moose.
Listen. Dance, Relax. Enjoy.