Stranger | Scott Wilburn

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About the artist

Scott Wilburn is an artist and musician living in Sandpoint Idaho. Born in the fifties, having come of age during the turbulent sixties, and grown to adulthood in the seventies, began recording in the eighties, produced his first CDs in the nineties, and still writing and recording into the new millennium, his song writing reflects a wide variety of influences, with bits of electric blues, piano ballads, acoustic songs, heavy metal riffs, synth pop, and country rock jams all rolled into an improbable mix that defies most attempts at catagorization. A veritable one-man band, Scott writes the music & lyrics and plays most of the instruments on most of his songs, with cameo appearances by his many talented friends. His goal is that "no two songs sound alike".


© 2010 Scott Wilburn

All of my life
I've lived like a stranger
All of my years
Wasted away
All of my fears
Twisted in anger

I feel lost and alone here
I feel anger and shame

Lost and alone
Surrounded by people
No one to blame
No one to talk to
Stare at the mirror
But it won't make a sound

I feel lost and alone here
I feel anger and shame

Lying awake
Alone in the darkness
Can't stop my mind
From spinning around
Nowhere to hide
Hide from myself