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About the artist

Peter Doran was born a little over a quarter of a century ago not far from the exact centre of Ireland.
At some point in Peter's formative years he happened upon the electric guitar and instantly fell in love.
The feel, the sound, the look, the lot. For many years he practised tirelessly, determined to play very very fast.
Over time he mellowed, and became less and less interested in the speed of the notes, but in their character instead. This he decided was where the magic lay.

2006 saw the release of Peter's first album "Wood", which was described as "Warm and enchanting, a debut that should open doors and minds" by leading Irish Music publication Hotpress.
Fast forward to 2010 and Peter is on the verge of releasing his second album "Sleepless Street"; an album that's taken the guts of two years to record. Beginning life in small bedroom studios and working it's way through world famous facilities such as Grouse Lodge in Ireland (Michael Jackson, Snow Patrol, Muse etc) and Abbey Road in London (You name it).

The album, produced by Filippo Gaetani (Adrina Thorpe, Martin Klein, Sheloom) was a true team effort. A global team in fact! . Amazingly talented Colorado-based Drummer Brian McRae laid down drums and percussion for four of the albums tracks. Canadian musician Jordan Zadorozny (Sheloom, Blinker The Star) pops up playing bass & electric guitar on one track. Vocals and guitars were tracked in small studios in Tuscany & Vienna as well as larger studios in Ireland. Peter's touring band, consisting of old and dear friends performed on a large portion of the album also. The album's artwork was created by the wonderful Swedish artist Marcus Gunnar Pettersson. In the end this gigantic group effort has resulted in the tightly knit & cohesive tapestry that is "Sleepless Street", with everyone's individual talents coming together to both enhance and do justice to Peter's songs.

The album will be released digitally July 23rd 2010, with a physical release and Irish tour in September.


I was cleaning your carpet on a saturday in Spring, I was drinking Argentine wine with you.
And I dusted the bookcase as you prettied up your face, there were diamonds on your breast
and sparkles in your eyes

and you were leaning into shafts of sunlight, you were lit up like a real life saint,
you were glowing like a holy icon in a sacred place

But I did not notice this at first I must confess , my eyes were someplace else, foolish things.
But you waited patiently for you wanted me to see how golden you'd become, spinning in the sun.

and you were leaning into shafts of sunlight, you were lit up like a real life saint,
you were glowing like a holy icon in a sacred place

(C) peter doran 2009