Wine Down Remix | Abm

Liner notes

Song written by Abm based on the island vibe that the song represents.

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About the artist

"Abm" dancehall/reggae artist who hails from Trinidad representing the West Indies is the latest addition to the Platinum T. Entertainment roster. A native of Trinidad , "Abm" excelled in track and field, basketball, and football. He was then offered a track scholarship to attend Grambling State University where he graduated with an engineering degree. Upon graduating from college he moved from the east coast to the west coast where the weather was more of a tropical climate. "Abm" has always had a passion for music, he writes, produce, rap, and sings. After stints with helping and developing several artists, he decided that it was time for him to do something for himself. He has procrastinated for sometime now, and decided that it was time for him to do his own music. This is by no means a career for him. This is a privilege, and music that needed to be heard his way.