Good Vibes | Steel featuring Nina Sol

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Ellorenz Records

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About the artist

This is Steel, entertainer and Grammy voting member, member of ASCAP (Aikan the Great Publishing) and CEO and entertainer on Ellorenz Records . .


Good Vibes

Tempo: 125 BPM

Genre: Pop/Hip Hop/Rap/World/Children/Fitness

So Steel, lay it down cause’ it’s your world,
So real, it’s time to live it up!! Good Vibes
Verse 1 (Steel)
Let’s wine, let’s jerk, let’s walk it out,
It ‘s Friday night, that’s what I’m talking about
Got that Patron flowin by the keg,
Looking for that girl with the stanky leg,
Gotta get all my homies on the Skype,
Can’t stop at one, you know the type,
All the sexy ladies time to move,
Cause’ I ain’t your average dude . .. .
Jump up, it’s American soca time
This fete’s real sweet, with a twist of lime,
Lauritz, done’ know, I’m goin’ for mine
Cortez, got my back, it’s party time,
We rock all the freshest styles and kicks,
All da freaky groupies go for it
Play this in the dancehall turn it up
all de girls on the dancefloor, burn it up

Chorus (RE)
Good Vibes! Hey, jump, Hey (4X) (what,what, what?, we’re having a time . . .)
Verse 2 (Steel)
Just hopped off the plane from Carnival,
With a brand new fresh for all of ya’ll,
Daniel laced the beat with alcohol,
Guess it makes me\ “That much harder ya’ll . . .(RE)”
homey Chris Jovan, who laced the kits,
Ellorenz’s gone global, tell your friends,
Online or mobile, all depends,
Entertainment mogul, born to win . .,
Got brand new kicks and my fresh is tight,
Nothing but top dollar, ladies night,
Been waiting all week, you know that’s right,
All the girls them hot tonight!
Single gals get de attention,
But married ladies, them have more fun
Sexy ladies go side to side,
Flex your waistline and pelt your pride!
Throw your hands in-a-de- air,
And shake your ting like you just don’t care,
Now de party is getting hype,
Do anyt’ing you like
Chorus (again RE)
Steel, we lay it down cause’ it’s your world . . .
Independent good looking girls,
International diamond pearls,
Rock your waist back and flex it slow,
Show de people, who run de show!
Shake your t’ing from de left to right,
Makin’ hot in de place tonight!
Now drop it low, to de flo’,
Bounce if you want some mo’!