Sexing the Cherry | Mars or the Moon

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Sexing the Cherry

Written by: Lani Williams

Sexing the Cherry
Words and Music by Lani Williams

The first thing that I saw, it was a man walkin' round
Comin' out of the woods, and the snow was fallin' hard
Big Sticky flakes clung to his beard, he smiled and looked ahead
Nothin' but light scattered over, tracing circles in the air mmm?

A cat was jumpin', fallin' back every now and then
To catch a snowflake as others landed on his head
As I came near he shouted "Time is standin' still you know"
I feel it every chance I get, still I can't wait to take a stroll?

I've spent a lifetime runnin', toss my finite existence out the door
I've spent a lifetime runnin', and I don't care any more mmm mmm?

There is a place you'd like to go, he said, I looked around
But I was there, no place else I'd rather be
The trees have blankets and the frogs don't even care
We were sharin' wine and the smoke is in the air


I feel her spinnin' me around, walkin' on ropes hung off the ground
I vanish through a dusty door, only to find it's not there anymore
I'm feeling wired, I can't explain, the sound that's pumpin' through my brain
I'm so lost I can't be found, If only I could touch the ground?


It was the man, the beard, the woods, the snowflake on his head
The trees, the cat, the smile, and then the wine
Timeless it seems, though I feel it every now and then,
Scratchin' at my door, beggin' me go out again?