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Kenya is a soulful and innovative singer/songwriter. Inspired by American singer/songwriters such as Stevie Wonder, Lalah Hathaway & Norah Jones to name a few. "Music = air" for this artist...without it, she simply doesn't breathe. Singing since the age of 8- in adolescence she was active in citywide choirs, jazz bands, show choirs, and musical theater. In college she was a member of the renowned Howard Gospel Choir at Howard University in Washington, D.C. and after college did background vocals for various independent artists. Married to spiritual partner Carl W. Johnson, II and has 2 sons, Bryant & Trey, her debut EP titled "Starting Over" is a testimony to Kenya's journey- she is returning to the gift of music after being away from the craft (having family, career as a therapist,etc.) and truly feels blessed to have this remarkable rebirth.


You opened the door
I immediately saw that
You were the one for me
My heart did a dance
Now I'm stuck in a trance
I'm caught in the web you've spun
Reality knocks at the door
But who for I hope not me
You're like a dream
Don't wake me up
Unless when I open my eyes
You have arms open wide
For me, for me, for me, for me
You're taking me to a place
That I never thought I would ever be
You've got me searchin'
For a love with you
And it's makin' my heart feel so free
(back to chorus)
You take me higher
To a place that I wanna stay
I can't believe your love is so sweet
And only for me
You're taking me higher
To a place that I wanna stay
(back to chorus)