The Summit | Dan Ferrari

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"The Summit" is written and sung by Dan Ferrari. The master is 100% owned by Dan Ferrari and available for non-exclusive signing.

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About the artist

Dan Ferrari is a multi-genre singer/songwriter and worship leader from NJ specializing in Pop, Pop/Rock, and Contemporary Christian. Dan released Unrepeatable in 2017, 10 of his most moving, inspirational faith-based songs and is excited to release the follow-up, Strengthen, in the summer of 2019.

Dan is in the company of John Legend and Joan Osbourne - all songwriters who have won the Abe Olman Songwriting Scholarship from the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Dan has had his songs featured in shows such as Young & the Restless, Cobra Kai, the Hills and the Jersey Shore. Dan's song "Never Not Want You" was placed with Austrian Idol Winner Oliver Wimmer whose album went top 20 in Germany. The song was also featured in "Play the Game," a feature film staring Andy Griffith and Doris Roberts.

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The Summit
by Dan Ferrari

Everything is changin' now
All at once I'm findin' out 
Who I'm meant to be, somehow
It's all gettin' clearer now

I've been waitin' all my life
For this moment to come 
Blood rushin' through my veins
Air fillin' up my lungs

No I never ever felt better
Never felt more alive 
Future's never been brighter 
Think I'm gonna lose my mind 
No I never ever felt higher 
Think I'm gonna touch the sky 
Think I'm gonna keep this going
Never gonna stop till I reach the summit
Gotta reach the summit

Opportunity knockin' loud
Gettin close I can feel it now
Every day a new victory shout
Shuttin' all them haters down

I've been waitin' all my life to feel so set on fire
Heart beatin' like a drum 
Soul feelin' so inspired


Droppin' all inhibitions
Runnin' the race 
Strong winds at my back
Sun in my face
Givin' everything I got
Nothin' gets in my way