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About the artist

The BRANDED is the latest effort from long-time local scene collaborators Brian Bender (A Birdsong Valentine, Elbo Room [talent buyer], Chicago Noise Machine), Masta Shen (D*Frost, A Birdsong Valentine, MariZen, IMV, Chicago Noise Machine), Jay Mishur (Blown, The Euphoric, BC) and Mike Haracz (From the Broken). The four have merged their distinct sounds to create the unique, dirty rock tone of The BRANDED.

Starting February 2010 the group began recording their first record with Chicago native Matt Mercado (Mindbomb, Supermercado) as producer. Completed in under a month at Sonic Palace Studios in Oak Park, Illinois, the recording is a raucous combination of hard-hitting rhythms, monstrous riffs, infectious melodies and soaring harmonies. Launching virally April 2nd 2010, The BRANDED will be releasing their original 8 song disc entitled NO MERCY, introducing a raunchy, raging rock party to a new kind of unforgettable crowd chanting, beer-chugging rock.

The BRANDED remembers when music had hooks to sink your teeth into, fists to throw in the air and the urgent need to be blown away from a show. Sitting somewhere between a dirty Muse and heavy driven Black Label Society, The BRANDED can shift from ambient call and response melodies to shredding hyper-distorted guitar solos to in your face, balls to wall, hit me again rock while maintaining a totally cohesive sound. Synergizing such a variety of music influences while pursuing a distinct and identifiable personality makes The BRANDED a unique act to look out for.