Completely True | Will Rosenberg

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Written by Will Rosenberg, Keyboards, Lead Vocals: Will Rosenberg, Guitars, bass, back up Vocals: Ted Lehman, Produced by Ted Lehman
APR Music Publishing LLC

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Completely True
By Will Rosenberg
© Copyright 2016 APR Music Publishing LLC

Your pictures beautiful on my screen
but I can't touch toy today
we both need something like real love
I'm tired of U, S, B…

We finally see each other's eyes
encrypted words won't get us by
I have to be right next to you
then it will be completely true
then it will be completely true

I felt your energy before we met
your heat ignited my mind
the sparks of change flow in my blood
my flesh knows that it's time

take me away from this cold room
fly me over that ocean blue