Brave New World | Ariel S. Lee

© License


Puts on her lip gloss
Straightens out her hair
Without her makeup she just can’t go anywhere
She’d rather be a whore
Than ever be ignored
Confess, we’ve heard it all before
You can’t win ‘cause the deck is stacked
You’re my friend but you stab my back
I think there’s something wrong with that….
So I’m singing my soul
Straight to the stereo
Sick of hate, sick of greed
Spreading like a disease
Let’s hear some noise for all my riot grrrls
Living in this brave new world
And when I look at you
It’s with a broken heart
I’m guilty too; I’ve torn you all apart
I’m glad that I am smart
And that I write my hits
But they don’t care, they wanna see some tits
So starve, and bleach your hair and teeth bright white
Hey, do you even sleep at night?
Or lie awake and wonder if you look all right?
Everything I have I’ve earned
All these lessons I have learned
When I open up my eyes
I see a world so full of lies
They lie, they lie, they lie lie lie
Shut ‘em up girl
Never give it up girl
It’s a lie, think it through,
‘Cause it’s not really true
Just know just know that I believe in you
Just know that I believe in you
Oh, yes I, yes I do