Mrs Vain | Ross Royce

Artist rroyce
Liner notes

On the original demo Ross played all of the instruments (Drums, Guitar, keys , Bass and vocals) and Co-produced the song !!

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About the artist

Ross Royce is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Wellington , New Zealand

News Flash!!

The Ross Royce song's 'Life Worth Living' and 'Mrs.Vain' are featured in the new Hollywood film "Amateur Night" starring Jason Bigg's and Ashley Tisdale

The Ross Royce song 'Life Worth Living' was featured on the show "Combat Hospital" ('Triage' Episode-12) in Canada and the U.S in 2011 , the show averaged 1.5million viewers in Canada and 3.94 million viewers in the U.S. The song is off the debut album of the same name out now!!

Also the Ross Royce song 'Mrs.Vain' was featured on the Steven Seagal T.V series "True Justice" .

The Ross Royce song 'We Can Win' was recently featured on ESPN College Football "Plays Of the Week " .
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Ross Royce have just returned from a successful tour of the U.S which included performances at the prestigious 'South By South West' music festival in Austin,Texas in 2009 and they headlined at the famous Whiskey agogo in Los Angeles in 2010. To date they have had airplay on 32 U.S college radio stations as well as key alternative radio stations Worldwide!

Music is avail via i-tunes or C.D Baby

Ross Royce debuted on the Australian and New Zealand scene with his 7-track c.d "Get it Together" and followed it up with his debut album "Life Worth Living" which to date has had airplay on 32 college radio airplay across the U.S .
Ross Royce has recently returned from successful performances at the Whiskey a gogo in 2010 and he performed live at the SXSW music festival in Austin,Texas 2009 .



There's my modern day teacher,there's my modern day babe
you're so good I could eat ya,you're so good you're a rave
Looking good in black leather,looking good in high heels
Really good to meet you babe,now tell me whats the real deal..

Hello Mrs.Vain,step out from the rain
Take you to a higher plain,gonna worship in your name
Hello Mrs.Vain, hanging out with Hussein
Gonna come inside your brain
Hello Mrs...Vain

Are you really gonna whip me,are you gonna make me moan?
I think your really,really wanting; to really really rock n'roll
Ooh your so commanding,so high in your field
So come on sweet darling,just hit me with whats real!

Rap: I want to flam it,slam it,stick it and ram it;with passion and fashion
and lashings of pashing.So take it,to make it with meaning or fake it,
i'll spray it to say it,why waste it ,lets play it!
I'll test you,injest you,invest you,undress you;lets do it,to move it,with gusto
lets screw it! Hitch me,or ditch me sweet lover ,enrich me;your highness in waiting
I want you sweet baby!
I really,really mean it man! I really do believe it man!
I think you really ,really need it man!So honey baby come on!
So let us never ever leave it man.Like you really could believe this plan.
I think you really need it Stan! So honey baby come on!