Blue Jean Baby | That Noise

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Jay Skinner
Jonathon Burkes
Keish Martin

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About the artist

Band: That Noise
From: Downtown LA
MGMT: Rock Elliott - - 310.721.6331

That Noise music is forged from the depths of human emotion and energy. They are rapidly becoming a powerful force in LA's music scene. They bring a heavy alternative Rock feel with subtle undertones of Electronica, Industrial and Hip Hop. Some of their musical inspiration comes from bands such as NIN, Muse, Deftones, Block Party, and 30 Seconds to Mars. In addition they are inspired by theories such as Aliens, and interdimensional beings.
The four members began their musical careers playing with different bands in the same music scene. Jawnee the vocalist/songwriter, began his career teaching music and was the singer and songwriter for the band Woven when they were signed to Interscope records. Jay the guitarist/songwriter is a skilled composer, and has put together a number of bands and projects that have been well received in TV and film. He has created soundtracks and music for the film Mothman Prophecies, the TV show the OC, and numerous commercials and jingles.
Jay & Jawnee teamed up and began That Noise deep in Hollywood at the end of 2006. The duo played consistently throughout Southern California, CMJ, and SXSW, as well as touring the US. Soon early demos of the new material caught the ear of producer Sylvia Massey (Tool, System Of A Down, Johnny Cash). Many of the tracks on the album “The Way We Are” were recorded at her own personal studio in Northern California.
The latest addition to That Noise are: Marcel Blanco- bass, and Kenny Ramirez –drums. They have both played with numerous bands and often shared the same bill with Jay and Jawnee. Their previous friendships, relentless passion for the same conscious message, and unique sound brought them together. It continues to be a driving force of inspiration and growth today, and into the future. That Noise has established the respect and trust with one another that allows them to play and create powerful music together. They are spreading a message of consciousness and empowerment through the raw energy and excitement of Rock N Roll music.


my blue jean baby
only seventeen
little miss chi-town
made just for me
are you happy
are you satisfied
blue jean baby
come with me tonight

let’s run away

let’s drive real far now
how about new york
we'll touch the skyline
manhatten shore
we could get away
if you don't look back
girl we're on our way
take my hand

let’s run away
i’m burning

my blue jean baby
come and dance with me
let’s run away