Psycho Intentions | Reign of Fury

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About the artist

Reign of Fury are a thrash metal band from the UK. Their signature sound is a blend of 80s thrash metal, nwobhm as well as drawing various influences from other styles of metal and punk.

The members are an amalgamation of friends that have met over the past 15 years on the UK punk and metal scene:

Vocals: Bison Wrathbone
Lead Guitar: Ed Fury
Guitar: Jon Priestly
Heavy Matt Earl
Drums: Magic Dave

Reign of Fury was formed to celebrate the types of music that provided the most significant influences to the members, throughout their lives.

The band toured throughout 2010 and put out their first E.P release in March 2011, Psycho Intentions, which is being distributed through Goodlife Recordings. This coincided with their DIY video for the title track of the E.P, which was originally made back in 2010, being added for rotation on the UK alternative music channel SCUZZ.

The E.P artwork, by UK artist Matt Dixon was chosen out of the bands desire to have a mascot and the skeleton figure on the front cover is set to appear on all upcoming releases. They are currently working on their first full length album for release at the end of summer 2011.