The Travelling Songman | Joe Craig

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About the artist

"...beautifully crafted songs in the classic tradition of Billy Joel, Randy Newman, Jimmy Webb and James Taylor. At the keyboard and with his intimate vocals, Joe Craig performs with a raw emotion that cuts to the heart of the characters and stories in the songs. He may be a virtuoso storyteller, but on this evidence, he's very much a gifted songman too."

Joe Craig won awards for his songwriting, but turned away from music to write the best-selling Jimmy Coates books. (How do you go from writing pop songs for boybands to action thriller books for teens?)

Now he's coming back to music for the first time in 7 years, and this time he’s writing for himself: on his debut album, ‘The Songman & Me, vol. 1’

If ever songs could tell stories, Joe Craig draws you in, a master of narrative and melody.