Don't Worry About Me | bela lugosi

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About the artist

In a cafe society scene worthy of
Henry Miller and Anais Nin,the
classical duo with punk attitude-
Misha & Ingrid Bodnar, otherwise
known as Béla Lugosi -performed
last tuesday at a release party for
their new album,We Suck Hard,
Bodnar announced that they were
about to play Dvorak's Dumky trio,
"just because Gerald Carpenter
said he disliked it."
In a display of pure, convention
free art and humor, the ensuing
performance featured a stripping,
Rubenesque music page turner,
while cellist Bodnar himself took
off one item of clothing for each
section of the trio, until the last
movement , when he was
performing in the buff.
Adding to the punk/classical
ensemble's growing reputation,
they performed last Friday at
what they refer to as "Santa
Barbara's Loony Bin" (the
County's Mental Health facility),
and their "home away from home."
There they performed Brahms and
Iggy Pop and had two felons in
orange suits shouting "lewd
comments and stupid questions."
This past tuesday, Bodnar
performed in the 13-year
reunion of Venus Bitch (the
band with balls) in full drag,
where Bodnar tried to "connect
with his inner lesbian self."