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About the artist

Singer/Songwriter Krysten Berg, influenced both musically and culturally by her European heritage as well as living in major cultural melting pots such as London, New York and Los Angeles, brings a multi-faceted background to her writing and performing. Having had her first stage appearance at the age of 4 and studying classical music throughout her childhood, she began composing on guitar and later on piano, giving her the opportunity to display her wide range of vocal and musical skills. After graduating from College for the Performing Arts she made the bold move from her native Europe to New York where she honed her craft and paid her dues by becoming an in-demand session singer working alongside top producers and learning how records were made. Moving to London to record her debut album, she worked with accomplished musicians such as Grammy award winner and producer Mike Howlett, Seal bassist Phil Spalding and Pink Floyd percussionist Gary Wallis.

Determined to record more of her own music, Krysten moved back to New York and began working on her US debut "New Moon" with Grammy winning producer Jeff Bova and an eclectic cast of musicians such as guitarist Jeff Golub, drummer Shawn Pelton and percussionist Carol Steele to name a few. She has performed at numerous London and Manhattan hot spots - 'The Orange', 'CBGB's Gallery', 'Downtime' and 'Mercury Lounge'. The title song "New Moon" has gotten airplay across the US and Canada and landed in the Top 10 (CMJ). Her song "Falling" is featured in the movie "Shutter".

Unlike her album "New Moon" which embodied a sense of urgency, written and recorded almost simultaneously, Krysten Berg's latest album "Shades of Blue" has been more of a journey, starting with recordings in London, then New York to the final mixing in Los Angeles. It is being added to radio playlists and continues to gain momentum.

"Shades of Blue" is in stores now, available at iTunes and Amazon worldwide.