Mother Divine (with sitar) | Paula Kenion

Dsc 0298
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An inter-spiritual song of peace and love for mother earth

Photo by Catherine "Blue Stone Eagle" Talbot

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About the artist

Paula Kenion is an indie composer/vocalist in SC. She writes positive and devotional acoustic music in many genres.


Mother Divine
Copyright 2012 Paula Kenion

Paula Kenion: Vocals/Music & Lyrics
Craig “Talks to Doves” Talbot: Native Hand drum & Owl call
David LaCombe: Flute
Resonant Beats: Sitar

I heard an owl call to us tonight the sweet song of death
But we’re not dying
Great Spirits are calling us into the light

You dreamed of killing
And your enemy disappeared
Great Spirits are calling

Our friend left a treasure behind
Circling us tonight

She brings us life
She brings us life

Mother Divine
Mother Divine
Mother Divine