Breathe | Breaking Southwest

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Verse 1:
Speed limit says 65
But I been starin’ at that sign
For 10 minutes now, and the sun is goin’ down

Another day, another mess
Every breath, is just one less
That I get to take in, and my head is poundin’

Gonna get outa town, where the world slows down
Gonna let my soul fly free
Sun on my skin, and my face in the wind
Gonna love, gonna laugh, gonna live, gonna breathe

Verse 2:
Half the time I’m tired
Half the time I’m wired
I can’t run the race, or keep the pace, just spinnin’ here in place

Well I fooled my heart
Wanted to be a part
But it’s all over now, and I want out


I wanna go where the cool wind blows
Hear those waves crash against the coast
Watchin’ the sun set low right next to you

Forget about tomorrow & live today
Watchin the boats cruise across the bay
Breathe in deep feel the sand between my toes