Revive | Exoterik

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About the artist

UK based heavy rock band Exoterik are united by their determination and desire to create an infectious mix of stomping, energetic riffage and ethereal beauty within their music.
“Exoterik are a polished band that could easily hold their own against the heavy weights of this genre”, (Room Thirteen, Live Review)...
Exoterik have unleashed their eagerly awaited second album entitled “Butterfly In Your Hand” which encapsulates Exoterik’s dynamic approach to song writing with their energetic riffs and passionate delivery. “This is a mature, strong release full of tracks imbued with melodic heaviness and an emotionally charged energy”... (Fabienne T, Alternative Magazine).
After recording the previous album “Don’t Swallow” between Finland and Latvia with producer John Fryer, Exoterik have this time decided to keep to their roots and record their second album in England. This album has obtained some phenomenal reviews and has been described as "big and bold, with metal grooves, catchy melodies and powerful riffs", "10 track ear candy", "an album all heavy rock fans MUST buy". This album will see Exoterik spreading their wings and taking listeners to new heights far beyond their previous album.
“Butterfly In Your Hand” was released worldwide in the later part of 2009 with a follow up 35 date tour.
Exoterik have toured venues up and down the UK, delivering their music and showcasing their high-powered performances, playing alongside the likes of Lacuna Coil, Blue October, Epica and Stuck Mojo to name but a few, as well as performing at major festivals around the UK.
The first single “Are You Alive” was self-released in April 2008 and was soon followed by a 10 day U.K. tour with US rockers Wednesday 13. Shortly after the tour, Exoterik welcomed new bass player Darren Townes to the band line-up and they continue to expand their fan-base.
Exoterik completed a 12 date UK tour (Revive Tour) late last year in some of the country’s best live venues (Corporation, O2 Liverpool, O2 Sheffield, The Cockpit and and The Asylum to name a few) and are shaping up for some more of the same in 2011. The new single and promo video for the "Hope is Not Enough" will be available for download this space!!
“They are a band with such pure talent, energy and outspokenness about them, that it is no wonder why their music is so inspiring.” (Lynda Dale MacLean, Grave Concerns - U.S. E-Zine).