In the Garden of the Long Pig | The Third International

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Liner notes

I have travelled extensively around the world. The frightening truth is that the world is shrinking at an ever increasing rate, and that we may not be prepared for the social upheaval that this shrinkage will bring. This is a tongue in cheek look at it.

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About the artist

Written by Andrew Pearson
and Calahan Sarsfield

Performed by The Third International

Andrew Pearson: vocals, guitar synth, electric tabla, birds and rain
Bill Foster: bass
Nick DiFrisco: drums


Welcome to my world,
Oh won't you come enjoy the view?
Come and see the natives eat primeval stew
Come and do the dances only you can do

Coming down from New York
It only takes a coupla hours
And then you've got to take a boat
And sail upriver from Manaus
Come and see the last surviving
Real grass house

Living in the garden, of the long pig

We've got birds and we've got trees
But as you see it's mostly black
We've got McDonalds, Disneyland
And superhighways of tarmac
Me? I got a Nissan parked around back

Before you came, before we knew
We had nothing to confess
You gave us guilt and influenza
God and sunday best
Just another long pig, meaner than the rest

Living in the garden, of the long pig